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sheffield innovative school

What distinguishes a great school from a good school? I believe that clarity of purpose, exceptional teachers, and demonstrated outcomes are hallmarks of great schools. A great school is a place with a deep commitment to student learning, where a faculty nourishes the intellectual, moral, emotional, and social growth of every student. It is a place where students, teachers, and parents embark together on an academic journey with clear and well-defined objectives. It is filled with the joy of discovery and the excitement of personal challenge and growth. It is a community unto itself, dedicated to developing strength of character and excellence in all dimensions of a student’s life. And it is a place that has a distinctive and lasting impact on students, developing who they are today and shaping who they will be in the years to come.

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Individuals of talent, achievement, and passion comprise the sheffield Innovative School faculty, a group intensely committed to educating young people. sheffield Innovative teachers take pride in providing uncommon support for every student.

Our faculty constantly models learning innovation, always striving to develop and refine best practices in teaching and to set individual goals to improve their own learning.

Students FREEDOM

We take the safety of our children very seriously and have clear policies in place to support our safeguarding practice.

We have a school nurse who visits on a regular basis. All pupils have their hearing, eyesight and teeth checked at some point during their years at Sheffield.